Whose Religion is Truth? None.

This morning I was reading a debate on Facebook as to whether you have to go to “church” to worship God on Sunday. One person said you absolutely have to, while another thought you can worship God everywhere. It made me think, “Why are people so convinced of their personal religious beliefs?”.

This blog will surely piss off a bunch of people. Or people who should just won’t read it. Fine. Though I’ll do my best to keep it factual most people will still want to argue and debate. I will not debate the bible; I believe it to be fictional and here is why.

1. The bible, as many know it today, wasn’t even written until the first century A.D.

2. According to this bible, Adam and Eve are the first humankind and they were “driven from paradise” around 4000 B.C.

  • Yet the earliest human remains, that have been found on earth, date back over hundreds of thousands if not millions of years. See examples below.¹ So how can Adam and Eve be the first humans ever created?

3. The alphabet dates back to 2000 B.C.

  • How is it possible that we know Adam and Eve existed 2000 years before?

I am sure I can list more but for those who believe there is no point. I don’t care if people are religious. Some people need religion and I am totally okay with that. Keep in mind that, according to ReligiousTolerence.org, there are over 19 major world religions. Within Christianity alone there are over 34,000 separate teachings. The difference? Interpretation.

So go ahead and believe what you will. Just stop trying to use your beliefs as a shield to attack other peoples beliefs. If it causes no harm; let people live how they see best fit for them.  Stop picking and choosing what you want to believe based on what benefits only your lifestyle.And stop condemning those who don’t believe the same version of religion as you.

Dan Savage is right, many Christians pick and choose  passages that work for them. There is hypocrisy within many organized religions.  The truth is no one really knows the truth.



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