The rich want higher taxes???

Higher Taxes For The Rich: Fair Or Warfare?

As reported by some 200 millionaires do. There is actually a group of rich people out there who believe since they have more, in this tough economy, those that can pay more should.

Andy Shallal, a D.C.-area restaurateur puts it like this (as taken from the article on He’d like to see more progressive tax laws in place to bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots “so that we don’t have this potential for this possible class warfare that’s always bubbling beneath the surface in this country.”

It’s nice to know that not all rich people are complete douche bags.


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One response to “The rich want higher taxes???”

  1. J.D.F says :

    I had not heard that report! thank you for posting. I also think there is a group of very wealthy people out there who are actually asking the government to tax them more. I thought that was kind of cool too.

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