Martin Luther King Jr. Day…We celebrate it, but why don’t we live it?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not just a man who stood up for injustice and equality. He is a symbol for what we should all inspire to be.

Dr. King was a leader who believed in peaceful protest. His leadership and visibility ultimately led to his early departure from this world. It was his leadership, and willingness to stand up for what was right that resulted in his accomplishing more greatness than most people will ever even strive for.

Dr. King was killed 43 years ago this April. He was in Memphis, TN leading peaceful protests in support of the sanitation workers. When the mayor at the time would not recognize or meet with the union on their requests, seeing the injustice, Dr. King took it upon himself to step in. It wasn’t until after Dr. King was murdered that the city would finally meet with union officials. 12 days after his death the union and the city finally came to a compromise.

Have we not learned anything from Dr. King’s life or his death? Why must we always wait until something horrible happens before we open our eyes and find compassion?

Why can’t we live with peace in our hearts and in our lives everyday? I believe most all of us want what is best for our country and our world.  We can have peace, and we can have equality. In order to reach this place, we all have to not only stand up for it, but also we have to live it. Not only on MLK day, but everyday.


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