What if you were paid to not do your job? aka Filibuster.

Analysis: Republicans Setting Filibuster Record…Source ABCnews.com

In the 110th Congress of 2007-2008, with Republicans in the minority, there were a record 112 cloture votes. In the current session of Congress — the 111th — for all of 2009
and the first two months of 2010 the number already exceeds 40. The most the filibuster has been used when Democrats were in the minority was 58 times in the 106th
Congress of 1999-2000.

No really? What if you were hired to do a job and then paid a salary of around $175,000 and you choose not to do what you were hired for, but you got paid anyways? Sounds like a good deal right?
Now what if you found out you were the one who was paying your employees to not do what you hired them for? That is exactly what is going on right now in the Senate.

Want examples?

…the 2011 Defense Department bill that contains a “don’t ask, “don’t tell” repeal provision. The vote, not surprisingly, failed 57-40, lacking the 60 votes Reid needed to beat back a promised Republican filibuster of the bill with repeal language.” Source NPR.org 12/09/10. They struck it down even though the majority of Americans, including military personal, want it repealed.

The DREAM Act stalled and very likely died Thursday in the Senate, after Majority Leader Harry Reid was unable to persuade enough Republicans to give the measure the 60 votes it needed to avoid a GOP filibuster.” Source. NPR.org 12/10/10. According to a Gallup poll, 54% of Americans support the Dream Act.

Senate Republicans on Thursday derailed a bill to aid people who got sick after exposure to dust from the World Trade Center’s collapse in the Sept. 11 attack.” Source NPR.org 12/09/10. I couldn’t find any polls on this, but I know many of you must be pissed off at the results. And it goes with our theme.

“…the Senate on Thursday shelved a plan to create a $30 billion loan fund for cash-strapped small businesses…Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said that many Republicans also support many of the measure’s provisions, which could aid a key political constituency, spur hiring and help reduce a 9.5 percent unemployment rate as lawmakers…as a united Republican caucus voted Thursday to continue to its filibuster the GOP could offer. after Reid and McConnell reached an impasse over the number of amendments that ” Source, WashingtonPost.com 07/30/10.

So wait, Republicans don’t want to add to the deficit when it comes to small businesses, but they have no problem adding to the deficient,via tax cuts, when it comes to big business. Next…

The Senate has defeated a Republican-led filibuster to a Democratic “jobs” bill. With five Republicans voting yes, the final tally was 62-30 — two more than the 60 needed to end a threatened filibuster. The bill, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, would exempt businesses from paying Social Security payroll taxes on newly hired employees through December and give them a $1,000 credit if said employees stay on the job for a year.”  Source NPR.org 02/22/10.

Senate Republicans crossed the aisle to allow debate to move forward on a bill to strengthen the nation’s food safety laws. The vote to end a filibuster and proceed to debate on the measure passed by a 74-25 vote…“. Source WashingtonTimes.com, 11/17/2010.

Where does your Senator stand? Maybe you should send them an email or two.



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