Time to end “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

The pentagon says it’s time to go, the military says it’s time to go, the public says it’s time to go; is it finally going to end?

The opposition says we need time, that we can’t just rush into this. That didn’t seem to be a problem when DADT was put into place.

Enough already, we need to end this blatant discrimination now!!

Want to read more about the Pentagon’s decision? Here are a few articles for your reading pleasure.

Study: U.S. military can safely end ban on gays…MSNBC.com

And for you Righties…

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One response to “Time to end “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell””

  1. wok3 says :

    It just seems so crazy to not allow people to enlist because they are gay/lesbian, I mean the majority of those serving say they don’t care. But progress against bias is always a slow process.

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