Climate Change: Fact or Fiction?

Is it worth guessing?

This morning I read an article on, “Phil Mote, Oregon State University climate scientist, weathers the storm growing around global warming”. It’s the same debate we often hear; Is climate change Fact or Fiction? I think we can all agree the Earth is not in the same condition it was in before the industrial revolution. Just go to any major city in the summer where the air quality is “orange”. Or watch Planet Earth and see the rapidly declining of the polar ice caps.

The Oregon Live article is kind of long so you may not get through it. But the main point is well stated in the last few paragraphs.

“…Mote sees bipartisan potential in actions with dual benefits. Energy efficiency upgrades that reduce utility bills and produce jobs, for example. Or mileage standards that reduce dependence on foreign oil and improve national security.
“We should have undertaken policies that lead to a net economic benefit a long time ago,” he says.
At the new regional science centers, he’ll advise agencies from the federal government down on potential global warming risks, including increased wildfires, more invasive species, reduced summer water supplies and higher seas.
Addressing global warming is “a management question,” he says. “Do you want to gamble that there isn’t going to be any problem at all, or do you want to basically buy insurance?””

Yes it is easier to ignore it and hope it will go away, but as adults we know that is not the solution to any potential problem. We often talk about not leaving the future generations with our debts, but in a way that is exactly what we are doing.

Phil Mote, Oregon State University climate scientist, weathers the storm growing around global warming


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