It’s about time.

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but we all (as in US citizens) are children of immigrants from some point in time. We are just lucky enough to have ancestors who got on the boat early enough that they were “let in”. And we are lucky enough to have been born here as well.

Not everyone who is currently here it US was so lucky. Cheers to President Obama for supporting the DREAM Act. What is the DREAM Act? Well to quote, “The DREAM Act would provide young people who came to the United States with their parents a path to U.S. citizenship after attaining a college degree or serving in the military.”

I mean after all if you are trying to make something of yourself, or if you are willing to die for this country, shouldn’t you have the right to become a citizen too?

Take the student body President of Fresno State. According to he was just outed as being an illegal immigrant. He didn’t arrive in the US until he was 3 years old. Having been so young his parents didn’t tell him he was illegal until he was a senior in high school. By that time he was already an upstanding person. He has the same dreams that you and I have. He wants to be a productive member of our society. Why wouldn’t we want him to be a U.S. citizen?

What if that were you? Would you want a path to citizenship?

Good Job Mr. Obama. Keep pushing for what is right, and I will have your back every time.


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