Extending Tax Cuts for those making over $250K?

Can someone please explain how extending the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy,  which are already in place and have NOT added any jobs to our economy, will suddenly add jobs if they are extended?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein


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3 responses to “Extending Tax Cuts for those making over $250K?”

  1. noh8 says :

    Voodoo Reaganomics has failed… TWICE.
    Tea Party/republicans pretty much are insane.

  2. wok3 says :

    Some people say that there is hardly any difference between the parties, and while a few Dems may make me wince, the GOP/conservatives are by far the party of fascism and plutocracy.

  3. penni4urthoughts says :

    If they are the same it’s that they both are looking out for a particular sect in our society.
    Republicans for Big Corporations.
    Democrats for the people.
    I’ve often heard Reps are better at Politics. Sadly it’s true. However this is not the type of politics one should strive to want to be better at.

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