The Tea Party is NOT a Grass Roots Organization!

Did you know Brawny Paper towels are the preferred paper towel of the Tea Party? Okay maybe that’s a stretch, but the company who makes Brawny paper towels is run by a set of libertarian billionaire brother’s who have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to get their causes put forward. So for all you Tea Party people you should know now that you are not part of some new grand movement. You are puppets to the rich. The top 1% of the wealthiest people in America have turned you into exactly what they want you to be.

The Koch (pronounced Coke) brothers inherited a boat load of money and they do not want to share. This story, The Brothers Koch: Rich, Political, and Playing To Win, is one of the most fascinating stories I’ve heard on NPR’s Fresh Air in awhile. Do yourself a huge favor, click the link and listen to the story.

The breakdown is this. The Koch brothers, through Koch Industries, have a S*** ton of companies  they do not want regulated, and that they do not want to pay taxes on the income of. According to The New Yorker, “Koch Industries… one of the top ten air polluters in the United States”.

They are only two people so they can’t make a ton of noise, nor do they want to. Instead they give tons money to organize rallies and claim they are they are for the “people”. This way they can turn heads any way they want and the people are none the wiser.  People love being a part of something bigger. Sadly in this case the people have no idea of what they are really a part of.


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