National Coming Out Day!!! Oct. 11

Out and Proud here!!! With all our recently losses it’s important to know how necessary it is to be supportive and not spread hate or discrimination. If you have internal issues with gays and lesbians, or the LGBT community in general, you need to either get over it and learn to accept it, or keep you comments to yourself. Stay out of our bedrooms, stop wasting our taxes on your discriminatory lawsuits.  This country was founded on the basis of freedom of/from religion. That is why we have separation of church and state.  Stop spreading hate based on your beliefs like this Moron leader.

Click the link below, courtesy of, to hear his speech. This speech is the very reason youth continue to end their lives prematurely.

Mormon leader gives anti-gay sermon after suicides

We were born this way, just like you were born the way you are. As a whole the LBGT community is a group of wonderful people; just like the heterosexual community.We are not wicked. We are not evil. We are kind and natural. We just want to be loved and accepted. I’m sure you can empathize with this.

Do not label us, or try to change us. No more young people have to feel like ending their life is their only option. In this world, where everyday we are being divided further apart, by left and right-wing politics, it’s time to take a look around and find our common ground. We all love, so let’s spread some love.


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3 responses to “National Coming Out Day!!! Oct. 11”

  1. wok3 says :

    Saw a video on youtube from a councilman named Joel Burns in Texas, if you haven’t already seen it, please have a look. The councilman himself is a gay man, and he pleads with children not to harm themseves, telling them that things do get better if they can just wait until they are older.

    As for Mormons, well any group that goes around having baptisms for the dead has more than a few screws loose.

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