Income Growth

Friday night Rachel Maddow had Ezra Klein as a guest, as she often does. The topic was the chart you see below.  Since some of you are not chart people I will break it down in simple terms. The trickle down theory, which says if you give money to the rich they will funnel it to the poor, does not work. 


So what does this chart tell us? It says when a Democrat is in the white house everyone’s income goes up by about the same amount. However, when a Republican is head of the country the rich get way richer while the poor, and middle class basically maintain the same income. Thanks to things like the Republican Bush tax cuts for the rich, this gap in income has being growing wider since 2003.  Don’t forget to vote in November people. If you are happy with the rich getting richer while the middle class struggles to maintain their incomes, vote RED. If you believe the middle class deserves to increase their income at the same rate as the richest people in the US, vote BLUE. Takes the guessing right out of it, doesn’t it?


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