High court won’t order state to defend Prop. 8

High court won’t order state to defend Prop. 8. That was the latest Prop 8 headline on the SF Gate website.
This news needs to be spread out beyond the bay area. Gov. Arnie, and hopefully soon to be Gov. Jerry refuse to defend Prop 8. Their logic? Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional and their job is to defend the constitution.
Kodo’s  to Brown for standing up for what he believes is right. If the terminator were on the ballot, I bet his opinion would be different, but at least we know where he really stands.
Besides it being wrong on all counts, defending Prop 8 is also a waste of taxpayer’s money. Any state that is in the hole $19 billion dollars has more important issues at hand than standing up for hate and discrimination.
Wouldn’t time and money be better spent on keeping schools open? Imagine if the $73 million spent to pass Prop 8 went to California schools.
I’m not trying to get off topic here. But if you are going to use children as part of your argument than maybe you should do something to really help the children.
The best part of the article on the SF Gate website is this, “Imperial County…is also seeking to enter the case, arguing that it has a stake in the fate of the measure because issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples would be a burden for county officials”. A burden? Wow they really are just grasping at straws now aren’t they?


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