Can you read your kids text messages?

What every parent needs to know. I just read an article on and though I knew it to be true before, this was a slap in the face and I don’t even have kids.

Thanks to technology kids are evolving way too fast these days and parents have to do everything they can to keep up. Make sure you understand what your kids are talking about. Seems to me if your child is trying to hide something, that is the very thing you need to know about.  

Here is the link again. It really is that important.


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2 responses to “Can you read your kids text messages?”

  1. wok3 says :

    I don’t have kids, and never really thought about how new tech makes the codes that kids have spoken in for years has evolved. I could not fully read any of the examples at CNN, but then I have gray hair.

  2. penni4urthoughts says :

    Scary right? I don’t have gray hair and I couldn’t read it either (in fairness I didn’t really try).
    The really scary thing is that they have this way of communcating to each other, but they are unable to communicate to the outside world.

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