Wine Vending Machines…Sign me up

Want to read the whole story: Find it here on MSNBC

Who knew Pennsylvania had so many wine connoisseurs? Okay connoisseurs may be stretching it, but the people of PA are wine friendly enough to have a

new addition next to their Red Box… wine vending machines.

We are not talking about a glass, or even a box for that matter. We are talking yummy 750ml bottles of wine.

Why vending machines of wine? Turns out PA is one of those states that only allows the purchase of liquor, which apparently also means wine, in state owned stores. Glad they are catching on to realize wine is not liquor. Wine is grape juice, but tastier. The last two states I lived in had these same crazy liquor laws. Thank goodness wine could still be purchased at my local supermarket.

With the country trying to go more green; it is the opposite of green living to have to drive to two different places for your food and your wine.

Good going PA. Way to try to catch up with the rest of the world.


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