Same-Sex Couples are great parents too!!

I was so delighted to read the article “Children of lesbian couples do well” on the MSNBC website today. Finally the truth is told, with solid evidence.

The study, which the article refers too, tracked children from 77 families starting from insemination through their late teens. what was the outcome?  Children who grow up in same-sex households are no worse off than in what is typically called “traditional” households.

Thank you for pointing out what we always knew was true. The only thing that is socially harming these children is the homophobia they face  when not at home. If you really care about the welfare of children, then how about treating all of them with the equal about of love, respect, and compassion no matter what their parent’s sexual orientation is?

It is obvious that any parent who is willing pay enormous amounts of money, who  has to plan and prepare for their child to the extent that same-sex couples do are  better suited to raise a well rounded child than someone who has random “accidents”.

The only reason to not allow same-sex couples to adopt or foster is due to prejudice and ignorance. Luckily the world is changing and younger generations are more open-minded, and care less about irrelevant differences.

I see the future and it is growing brighter everyday.


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