Is there a link between Autism and Vaccines?

I think I’ve mentioned this before. The not so independent experts and their so-called research findings. Before you go listening and believing in a study done by independent researchers, it’s important to know what their hidden agenda is. Are they going to be compensated if their studies results show a specific outcome? It looks like this is the case with the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is a great story done by CBS – Follow the Money. It’s only 3 minutes long, surely you have 3 minutes to see what the government is doing to your children.

There is something extremely wrong about the vaccine companies giving $$ to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Why? Because the American Academy of Pediatrics are the “independent researchers” who are testing to see if the vaccines are safe.

You may now be asking what the big deal is. So kids are getting more vaccines. 55 doses by the age they are 6? Just think about that for a minute. You may also be interested in knowing there have been strong ties to the increase in vaccines, and the increase in Autism cases here in the U.S.

According to, Autism cases increased from 15,580 in 1992 to 337, 795 in 2008. That’s 2100%. My brain cannot even comprehend this.

Some people believe there is no link between vaccines and autism. That depends on who you ask. I personally am not qualified to do a study, so I can’t say for certain. What I do KNOW and what is factual, is that when I was a child in the early 70’s children were only given 10 injections before they could attend school. Today children are given over 36.

We are poisoning our children. We MUST STOP. Between the vaccines, and the poisons we use to grow our food, we are only harming our bodies and the bodies of our children.


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6 responses to “Is there a link between Autism and Vaccines?”

  1. ashleyfmiller says :

    There is no link between vaccines and autism and more importantly, vaccines save lives. The increase in autism is partially to do with different diagnostic conditions, the introduction of autism as a spectrum disorder — to focus on the phony and disproven and discredited link invented by a doctor trying to sell his vaccine as better than the current one is to fail to research the real causes of autism.

    Again there are 0 ties between vaccines and autism. It’s just a lie. The fact remains that when children are not vaccinated they get diseases that can kill them and make it more likely that the vaccinated kids will get those diseases as well. I’d rather have an autistic child than a dead child. And I’d rather not die because people are making up reasons to not trust the good science that’s been done.

    Should you believe everything that comes from big pharma? No, of course not. And should you want to treat autism and be skeptical of anything that people put in their bodies? Sure. But you should also be able to rationally look at the human costs of not vaccinating children and the motivation behind the lie that there was a connection between vaccines and autism in the first place. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    “Vaccines against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, hepatitis B, and Hib disease are preventing 2.5 million deaths each year.” – CDC

    Short blog with good graph:

    Longish on the anti-vaxers:

    Comic about Andrew Wakefield, the doctor of the original study:

    Longish well sited on the history and consequences:

  2. penni4urthoughts says :

    Hi Ashley-
    I appreciate your feedback. It’s obvious you are pretty passionate about this suject. I can and do appreciate that.
    Let me ask you, do you have a child with Autism? What about measles?
    I don’t believe in statistics (taking too many courses to see how those can be bent), nor studies when I don’t know who is paying for them.
    Note: I did state that “I personally am not qualified to do a study, so I can’t say for certain.” that there is a link.
    I do have a problem with the amount of toxins we are putting in our bodies.
    I Agree that “increase in autism is partially to do with different diagnostic conditions”, but I don’t think that accounts for the significant increase overall and I don’t think it’s time to rule out vaccines just yet.
    You do have to admit, there is something fishy about the people who test to see if vaccines are safe being the same people who make $ off of these vaccines.
    That really is my main point.

    • ashleyfmiller says :

      I do believe in statistics when they say that the incidence of the diseases we vaccinate against have gone from killing millions of people to dozens and that in only 100 years the average lifespan of an American has gone from mid 40s to mid 70s.

      I myself have been told I’m Aspergers by therapists, and would have been diagnosed so as a child if I’d been born ten years later. I also got chicken pox when I was only six months old before there was a vaccine for it, and that’s incredibly dangerous for a baby. But no, I don’t know anyone who has had measles, mumps, rubella or smallpox. That’s the point, something that I would certainly have gotten and potentially died from or been blinded or crippled by 100 years ago is no longer a threat. How miraculous is that?

      Not all of the tests have been paid for by the vaccine people. Furthermore, the original test that made up the link between autism and vaccines, and has been discredited and caused the doctor to be publicly censured, *was* performed by someone trying to sell his own vaccine over the ones currently in the market. You can’t acknowledge motivation on one side and ignore it on the other. The opinion that vaccines cause autism is no more supported by evidence than saying global warming is caused by the decline in pirates. It’s just made up. You could just as easily say that autism is caused by cigarette taxes, which have gone up as the autism rates have gone up.

      And the toxins in a vaccine are far less toxic than the average fist a baby shoves into its mouth. None of it remains in the system for longer than maybe a month, at which point all that’s left are the body’s own antibodies. I have a lot more issues with hormones and stuff in the food, but kids should be exposed to germs, that’s how they get a healthy immune system.

      • penni4urthoughts says :

        There has been a lot more advancement in the last 100 years than vaccines. So to give them all the credit is a far stretch. People used to die from hundreds of things that we have moved past. To name a few, air conditioning (no more heat strokes), cigarettes used to be thought of as safe, refrigeration (including ice boxes), more access to healthier foods, access to hospitals via car and helicopter…you get the point.
        I think your analogies are absurd. I do, however, agree that the original doctor did not have good intentions, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. I don’t know anyone with the diseases either. I stress again only 10 shots when I was a kid, versus 36 today.
        I never said all vaccines are bad, I just think we need to consider the amounts. Really verify what is needed, and what the long-term effects are.

      • ashleyfmiller says :

        Yes, there have been a lot of scientific advances in the last 100 years, but your original post seems to be heavily anti-science as well as anti-vaccine. You’re promoting a false connection between vaccines and autism and thereby completely undermining any genuine concerns you may have about them. And if you’re going to claim life-saving treatment is “toxic” at least provide some proof.

        My analogies are absurd, they’re pointing out the logical fallacy that you’re perpetrating. Post hoc ergo propter hoc – Just because A happened before B doesn’t mean A caused B.

        You’re also inflating the numbers by ignoring that many of the vaccines require boosters, or second and third shots to remain effective over time. I’m looking at the age 0-6 vaccines and there are 10, 4 of which are optional or only in high-risk cases. Once you hit 11 there’s the additional HPV vaccine.

        Look at the vaccines and tell me which diseases you’d be happy to have your children suffer. And then tell me which ones you feel qualified to put other people at risk of because you won’t vaccinate. Polio? Measles? Hepatitis? Tetanus? Cervical Cancer?

      • penni4urthoughts says :

        You are missing the point. I’m not anti-science, or anti-vaccine.
        Vaccinate your kids all you want, but be prepared for the unknown consequences.
        Keep in kind, just because you vaccinate against something it doesn’t mean you won’t get it. Diseases mutate as needed.
        Also, just because you vaccinate doesn’t mean you won’t die of something else.
        I apologize for upsetting you so. My point in all my blogs is to just get people to think a little.

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