Protecting your Privacy on Facebook

There has been a lot of noise about the lack of privacy for Facebook users. I am one of those users. I pretty much have all my privacy settings set on friends only, but after listening to a recent episode of Talk of  The Nation – Science Friday I went a step further.

The story is titled Protecting Your Privacy on Social Networking Sites and can be found by clicking here. The most important part is making sure you have the proper settings on your  Privacy Tab in Facebook, but they also recommended using a separate browser for Facebook than every other site you go to. If you use Firefox you can download Prism for separate websites. Prism is kinda like having a browser just for a specific website without bogging down your computer with the weight of multiple browsers.

Prism has it’s drawbacks. For example, you don’t have a back button, and  you don’t have a toolbar, just to name a couple. But overall I like the idea of my websites not being able to talk to each other and prejudge the way I think.

I like Facebook. I like being connected to people I lost touch with in the past. People who before I always wondered what happen to and now I know. I don’t like the idea of Facebook watching every website I visit in order to solicit advertisements it thinks I may be interested in. I don’t mind the advertisements, after all Facebook does provide a free service, I just prefer my internet browsing being left out of it.


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