60% of American’s are idiots and/or uninformed

Poll: Despite spill, support for oil drilling high

Majority of Americans also back Ariz.’s new controversial immigration law

This is a headline from an article on MSNBC.com. It states that 6 out of ten people polled believe offshore drilling is more important than the environment. Seriously?!? The bad out ways the good? So the 11 people who died are less important than you being able to go freely in your gas gussler?

Before you are quick to jump on the offshore drilling ban wagon check out these facts:

  • Each day the US consumes 25% of all the oil used in the entire world. We are wasteful people.
  • According to the Energy Information Administration, nearly half of the oil drilled of the Gulf of Mexico is exported as petroleum products. That means not in your gas tank.
  • The production of oil in the US has gone DOWN since 1997. Why? Because eventually wells run dry.
  • The Exxon Valdez disaster led to the death of 250,000 seabirds, 3,000 sea otters, 300 harbor seals, 247 bald eagles, 22 orcas, and countless other animals, according to an article in USA Today. You may not care about animals, but they are an important part of our eco-system. Losing them throws everything off balance.
  • Even if we expanded off-shore drilling to places we do not already drill there is only enough oil to support our consumption for 2 1/2 years.

I’ve read that people shouldn’t worry about the BP spill because most of our seafood comes from overseas. That logic is absurd in so many ways. First, climate change does exist and one major source is the pollution caused by shipping food from far away places. Second, what about about the income from fisheries and  tourism that are lost because of the potential long-term impact?

No one really knows what long term effects this disaster is going to have. This said, how can you support off-shore oil drilling? How many oil spills, exploding buildings, and collapsing coal mines have to occur before you wake up and see we need a better way? How many lives have to be lost?

Below is a live feed of the oil being spewed. No one knows when it will end.


What we need to do is greatly reduce our dependency on oil. What can you do to reduce your consumption?


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3 responses to “60% of American’s are idiots and/or uninformed”

  1. wok3 says :

    This is so depressing, and so strange to hear the continued calls for additional drilling. While I hope the latest attempt to cap the leak works, I will not be surprised in the least if it does fail.

  2. penni4urthoughts says :

    It just shows how self involved people are. They don’t care about what they can’t see beyond their noses.

  3. wok3 says :

    The really depressing part is realizing that so many other disasters go unreported because they wouldn’t get the ratings that a disaster this close to home would bring a news station.

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