Kent State 40 years later

There was a wonderful story on NPR’s Talk of the Nation yesterday remembering the Kent State shootings which took place 40 years ago today. Protests ended in death here in our great country where we are supposed to be free to express our opinions. You can listen or read the entire story at

In listening to this story I was reminded at how easily facts can be construed by not only the media, but also by our government. Many people’s opinions of Kent State were that the students brought it on themselves. It reminds me of Oklahoma City where people were quick to judge Muslims or our attack on Iraq which the government claimed was to rid that country of weapons of mass destruction.

The story also reminded me of today’s climate were those of us who oppose war, and  for health care reform, are often called Socialists. We are not Socialists now, nor were we Communists then. We are Humanists, and Environmentalists. We know that the greater good of the world and all its inhabitants is more important than our individual person, or our individual country.

My heart goes out to all those effected by the killings 40 years ago. May you continue to take your passion to fight for the greater good.



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2 responses to “Kent State 40 years later”

  1. wok3 says :

    Still to this day cannot understand what on earth made the guardsmen shoot and kill their fellow citizens, I mean why didn’t they at least shoot at the ground right before the protesters feet as a warning?

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