Brainwashed Tea Party Idiots…nothing more

Ok in all fairness you can find idiots anywhere, but these are common beliefs being further inflamed by right wing media like Fox news.

Hey Tea Party idiots, check out these facts.

  • The Obama administration has lowered taxes for 95% of Americans. He has LOWERED your taxes. Check out how much you paid a couple of years ago, and then compare that to this year and you get…
  • Obama does not want to ban fishing. Where in the hell did that come from?
  • The Health Care Bill is not written to kill old people. Again, where did this come from?
  • Fox news is not fair and balanced. Glenn Beck lies; don’t believe me? check his facts.
  • News reporters and you are not smarter than scientists. CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL!!

If the tea party is about freedom and liberty, where were you when Bush signed the wiretap order? Do you feel free knowing the government can listen in and tape your phone conversations at any time? Is that freedom?

I hear so many complain about taxes and a socialist agenda, but those same people are collecting social security, or medical, or medicare. Hello, how do you think these programs are paid for? Taxes.

Did you hear all those people talk about getting rid of the Department of Education? Is that because it failed them? Are all your children home schooled?

I hear what you are trying to say. Like too big to fail for companies, we do not want to big to fail for the government. But be sensible about it. What really makes sense? Try listening to a little NPR instead of Fox News for a change. That is if you really do want fair balanced news.


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9 responses to “Brainwashed Tea Party Idiots…nothing more”

  1. Alex Weeks says :

    Ms Penni,

    I found it very funny on tax day when the Tea-Baggers rallied. A “friend” of ours posted a picture of a guy in a Reagan mask with the caption “We miss you Ronny”. I commented that I found her caption ironic. Under Reagan, fiscal responsibility went out the door, and the federal deficit went through the roof. Her response was how I was being brain washed by the liberal media and didn’t get the “real facts”. They also stated “what did you expect after Carter?”.

    Well…. If Carter was the problem, why did Reagan’s policies continue to get worse over the course of his presidency? Also, using that same logic, why are we blaming Obama this early in his presidency? George W Bush started the liability free bailouts. Also, had we not spent that money our economy would have collapsed. Not to mention that Bush’s policy of deregulation is what allowed AIG, Bear Sterns, etc… to create the financial crisis we have now.

    I have to admit I don’t get it, but what do you expect from a hippy dippy, liberal like me?

    So let me see if I have this straight…. Bush creates a problem, initiates a reckless method as “fixing” the problem, but the next president gets the blame.

  2. Alex Weeks says :

    One more comment…

    Do the Tea-Baggers realize that Obama’s Health Care bill was basically taken from the Republican’s Health Care plan (is response to Clinton’s plan) in the early 1990’s?

  3. Kevin says :


    Please expand on financial deregulation. I was under the impression that a major part of deregulation as it pertains to the current financial crisis came as part of the Gramm Leach Bliley Act of 1999 which repealed part of specific legislation enacted in 1933 after the Great Depression. GLBA allowed financial companies to merge and become, as we’ve now termed it, too big to fail. Please include in your discussion:

    Community Reinvestment Act of 1977
    Depository Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980
    Reigle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994
    Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

    Also, it might be helpful to discuss the two presidential candidates that voted in favor of the 2008 Act.

    I think that instead of focusing on who created the problem it might be more beneficial to ensure that we educate ourselves and focus on moving forward else we’ll find out that no ones hands are clean.

  4. George says :

    I’m glad to see there are some normal Americans who actually have a healthy interest for facts and history. Some days I feel like I’m surrounded by too many misinformed angry people who think they are patriotic. If you want to be a patriot get informed, get involved, vote and stop bitching about our government.

    • penni4urthoughts says :

      There is a great # of us, but instead of shouting non-sense we tend to listen to NPR. 🙂

      • Geodome says :

        Yes Undeed, NPR is a great source of knowledge, which is why most of the teabaggers will never tune. Wouldn’t want too much of that there learnin’ running around free ! !

  5. nospig says :

    The media has the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent because they control the minds of the masses. The Tea Party is so blind with patriotism they can’t face reality. Why does the Tea Party hate Government so much similar to the Confederacy who despised it ? G.O.P FEAR ,IGNORANCE,and DIVISIVENESS .

  6. nospig says :

    All the Tea Party wants is a white President period pointblank! When they heard a blackman was running for the Presidency the kids and the grandkids and the great grandkids of those Southern Confederates and more rallied for War(LETS TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK)! With the help of The Fox News lies and rhetoric to paint him as a Black Kenyan Socialist Marxist Evil Anti-American Terrorist Muslim who hate the whiteman.Once they get a White man or Woman in office they will disappear I promise and theDIVISIVENESS in America will cease.

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