Portland Mayor Sam Adams Recall Attempt

One of the things I like most about living in Portland is the accessibility to public transit and it’s ease of use.  I LOVE not having to drive to work in rush hour traffic. It’s so much better to pass the cars trickling along the freeway while I sit calmly listening to my IPOD on the max whizzing by. There is a draw back to the Max though. Besides its occasional timing issue, the Max often comes with people wanting you to sign a petition for something.

A couple of months ago it was for medical marijuana, also for taxes, or schools, or other things I had no direct interest in. Last week a man came by with his clipboard looking for people to sign the petition to recall mayor Sam Adams. I’ve been wondering, so I asked, “Why do you want to recall the Mayor?”. He paused, likely having not been confronted about this before, and proceeded to say, “Some people want to recall him because he lied. Some because he took a $70,000 pay increase and laid off 100 city workers. And some people want to recall him for his leadership.”.  So I said, “Hum…I’ll have to look into that.” Then, once he realized no one was signing, he got off the train.

If you are not from Portland you probably do not know the background behind Sam Adams so here is the brief. Sam Adams is the first openly gay mayor of a major city in the US. Before he was elected he had an affair with a 18-year-old. He lied about it, but later confessed after he was elected. That my friends is why people want him recalled.

I looked into the man on the train allegations. I found nothing about a pay increase, and no solid information on bad leadership. There is a lot of he’s gay and he lied and he must be held accountable.

Sure I have a problem with him lying, but I don’t think an affair is valid reason for a recall. Plus the guy on the train lied too, so why should I take his side? I am glad that I met the man on the train though. Now next time some new person tries to get me to sign the recall petition I have ammo. 🙂


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One response to “Portland Mayor Sam Adams Recall Attempt”

  1. wok3 says :

    a politician lied about a private sexual liason? That is just soooo shocking.

    If only he was caught by a policeman in an airport stall propositioning someone(with his “wide stance”), or hiring prostitutes while married (and wearing diapers for God only knows what reason), wait – those were Republicans, no wonder it is OK for them to do it.

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