Bastard took my computer

You will never know what it feels like to have someone break into your home until it happens to you. What I can tell you is it sucks. You lose all feeling of safety or security.

Though I am extremely angry and scared I will hold my head up high and keep trecking along. Some things are replaceable, but it’s the ones that are not replaceable that really piss me off. I have to remind myself it’s not my fault there are bad people who do bad things.

Hey Mr. Drug Addict-
I know times are hard, but guess what they are hard for all of us.

Dear Person reading this post-
Make sure you hide all your valuables from plain sight.
If you do not have renters insurance, get it right NOW.
If someone knocks at your door and you don’t want to anwser it, flash your porch light a few times so they know you are home. No I wasn’t at home, but most theives do not want to break in when someone is.

Enough venting for now. I hope you never have to feel the way I do right now.



4 responses to “Bastard took my computer”

  1. wok3 says :

    Very sorry to hear this happened to you, maybe you could get a dog? Don’t really know what to say, but hope things look brighter for you soon.

  2. penni4urthoughts says :

    Thanks Wok. I would love a dog. Now I have a really good excuse.

  3. Pied Type says :

    My dog wouldn’t have been any help. She’d have greeted the thief at the door and showed him where all the good stuff was.

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