Schooled by Oprah…

…well, schooled by an article in the March issue of O magazine.

I’m not an avid reader of O magazine. However, I have read a couple of issues. In between the countless pages of advertisements and beauty & fashion tips, there are some really good articles. I swear I read O magazine for these articles. 😀

This months magazine featured an article titled, “Are Organics Worth Their Price?” It highlights why organic foods are good not only for the humans that eat the food, but also for the soil, the animals and for the future.

There was also a great follow-up to the article pointing out three other labels often found on our food. These are grass-fed, pastured, and local. I thought I was pretty up to date with these labels, but I did learn something that I should have known that’s pretty important when it comes to buying eggs.

I don’t eat meat, but I do eat eggs. Until last week, I always purchased free-range, vegetarian fed eggs. Turns out those weren’t the eggs I wanted after all. Free-Range just means the chickens are not in cages and vegetarian fed means they are not fed a proper open-field diet. What I should be looking for is “pastured”. Pastured means the eggs came from chickens that are free to roam and eat things that are natural to their diet like grass and insects.

Like I said before, there is always something new to learn everyday. Thanks O.


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