That which fuels the Republican Party

It has come to my attention that what fuels most religions is also what fuels the republican party, Fear and Ignorance. I’m not saying all people who vote republican vote that way because  they are fearful or that all republicans are ignorant, but I believe there are enough people who vote republican that fall within one of the two categories that it should be recognized and addressed. Apparently the republican party also supports capturing their audience via fear and ignorance because they continue to use fear tactics relying on the ignorance of the American people.

For example, the fake census forms the republican party sent out asking questions like “Do you believe the Obama Administration is right in dramatically scaling back our nation’s military?” and “Do you think the record trillion dollar federal deficit the Democrats are creating with their out-of-control spending is going to have disastrous consequences of our nation?”.  Are they trying to strike fear? Yes. Are you ignorant if you believe this is a real census form? Yes.

The republicans have used fear tactics regarding health care reform. Saying that health care reform would allow for death panels. That if health care passes seniors would lose their medicare coverage, and that health care will bankrupt America. All lies with the intention of stirring up irrational fears.

Let’s go back in time. Remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Lies told to press the fear out of the American public. Lies told as an excuse to storm into the oil fields of the middle east.

Need more evidence? The Republican National Committee, RNC, made the mistake of the admitting to the use of fear out loud. Check out the article GOP Keeps Distance from RNC Pitch at Oh shit. Call in the troops. The RNC is letting the public know the secret scare tactics being employed.

The republican party also depends on the public’s believing the lies they til out each day on FOX news, on conservative radio, and at the resent CPAC conference. Lies like how the democrats are money spending socialists. Fact: Republicans are trying to say there was no surplus under the Clinton Administration. According to the Congressional Budget Office there was a surplus of $69.2 billion and $236.2 billion from 1998 to 2001.  By the time Obama took over as President there was nearly a $500 billion budget deficit. As CNN reported in January of 2009, under President Bush the government had already committed to $7.2 billion in bailouts.

Wait. So the spending under Bush was headed in the same direction as under Obama? The answer to that question is Yes. But that is not the way the republican party is telling the story.

I could go on and on, but why. Those who should read this blog won’t because they just don’t want to have to think that hard.


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10 responses to “That which fuels the Republican Party”

  1. ar says :

    Yoohoo, i read your article but you failed to post my comment. Are you just mouthing off or do you want some feedback on your opinion? I mentioned before what i thot of your idea, so, why close me out? I’m offering my two cents-worth. Want it?

  2. ar says :

    I didn’t think it irrelavent both parties put us here. No hostility. It’s what I’ve come to know and anymore it’s too obvious the big push is on for programs the private sector should hold. It’s like my dog going to the vet – so simple, dealing with the person who did the work.

    I keep sticking my nose out because i suspect you must be working, or trying to, and no one(washington) is listening to either of us. As well, i’m interested in solving problems not unlike your own, yet the monster in dc is out of control – we need each other to straighten all of them out and get people working again, and paying less taxes.

    Doctors want to work and i want to pay them; not someone else, is all.

    The business of the health care thing is not the governments business, so, i still say it should go to the private sector where the people are. Vets are everywhere and they seem to do well…

    • penni4urthoughts says :

      Now this is good open dialect. I’ve had this conversation with a few of my friends, and do completely understand government no wanting to get involoved.
      The thing is this. 1. A lot of people do not take their pets to the vet because of cost. People often make the choice to “put their pet down” before costly treatments. I’m not sure that works so well for people.
      2. Health care has been in the private sector since it’s inception 50+ years ago. If you read my blog, 3 good reasons we need health care reform. You will see why this doesn’t work.
      3. We already pay for the health care of those who can’t afford it. We pay in the rising costs of health care. This needs to be managed.
      I do not believe in big government, but I am happy for the police, and firefighters, and librarys, and roads, and so on.

  3. ar says :

    Well, i’m sticking with get govt away from health care. Not enough people, in my mind, want their involvement. It’s too close to total control. speaking of which,

    do you suppose these programs of “health insurance” govt. wants to dictate are U.N. originated?

  4. penni4urthoughts says :

    I do not think they are U.N. originated. I think there are a lot of Americans without health care.
    My question to you is; if you do not want the government to step in how to you propose making health care better? Lowering costs, or at least not hiking them up over 50% per year, covering more people (such as people with preexisting conditions), people not getting dropped (such as when they hit a certain age), equal rates for men and woman, young and old, etc.?

  5. ar says :

    They are originated in the United Nations. Have you been on plantet pluto for the last ten years? World supreme ruler in the vatican propped up by the Counsel on Foreign Relations must be fairy tales then. Who Is Juan Carlos? Aldobrandini?

    Off topic? Hardly. These are the folks running our so-called two party system of almost completed facism.

    If govt. takes it upon itself to illegally dictate health care, we will have moved to facism, complete communists, socialist. I am not in favor of facism, yet, we are so controlled by it now, no one sees it. big goobermint is less freedom. We have the capacity to fix it and health care as long as it is in the private sector and we eliminate Third Party-govt. The gov’t. is interested in the Rest of your money and putting it in Their pocket – screw your health. They get richer and I get screwed again.

    Besides the fact, it is illegal for gov.t to be involved. How many times does this have to be mentioned before people start putting their foot down and telling them to bugger off?

    They are out of control in washington deceit and they are foreigners – unamericans taking over our country. Do you at least suspect this may be true?

    • penni4urthoughts says :

      First, Pluto was downgraded as a planet.
      Second, you never answered my question about what should be done about health care.
      Third, we are nowhere near facism. That is crazt talk. If this were a facist society there would be no Blogs, there would be only one ruling party, there would be only one superior race. People wouldn’t be able to change their sociital status given at birth. You get the point I hope.
      And I’m sorry how is health care reform Illegal?
      I understand your frustration, but know your poiints are irrational and invalid.

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