What if you told your boss “We need to slow down, not rush things” when it came to your job? Senators can be fired too…

Flash back a year ago on the table the stimulus bill. The republican main argument against the stimulus rings exactly like their argument against health care reform today.  The argument was then and is now that we need to slow down, not rush, start over with bipartisanship. Check out this clip from the Rachel Maddow Show from last February.

Side Note: Did you hear McCain preaching that we need tax cuts to stimulate the economy? The tax cuts during Bush Jr’s years were some of the largest in our history. Though they may not have been the main cause of our recession they certainly were not preventative medicine either.

Back to my point. Today and health care reform. Republicans are using the same stall tactics. Check out a clip of TRMS from January 2010.

Since when could two year olds be elected to the senate? Two year olds are the only other group of people that are predictably whiny and screaming “No, No, No!”. Are republicans stalling? Would you call their asking to be read out loud a 767 amendment for the health care bill a stall tactic?

Hell ya they are stalling and they are even willing to admit it.

They said they want to sit down and discuss health care. Even when that was given to the republicans in Thursday’s health care summit? Obama gave them what they asked for, but it never seems to be enough.

Look if you told your boss that you needed to slow down in your job, not rush it you would likely be fired. Senators can be fired too. You have the power to elect someone who is looking out for your best interest. Keep in mind it is not just republican senators who are looking out for big business, some moderate democrats are right there with them. Look up how your senator has voted on health care reform where they stand when it comes to the public option and send them a note if you do not agree.

The stimulus bill worked and heath care reform, with the public option, will work too.


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4 responses to “What if you told your boss “We need to slow down, not rush things” when it came to your job? Senators can be fired too…”

  1. wok3 says :

    Sometimes it seems as if the Democrats and Republicans are not all that different – Until an issue like health care comes up, and then the GOP is just the absolute lowest of the low.

  2. Girl C says :

    Bipartisanship does not exist—at least not currently. The Republicans keep touting it so that the portion of the public that isn’t listening closely enough will believe that the Republican party truly isn’t being treated fairly.

    You can’t have bipartisanship when one party abuses the filibuster like these Republicans have. If only the majority of the public truly understood what this new healthcare plan would do for them, instead of listening to the heinous lies of Fox News.

  3. penni4urthoughts says :

    Funny you say that Girl C. I have tried on several occasions to stir up debate with some bloggers who oppose health care reform. It seems their opinions are gathered from the lies being told by the right. I assume this based on their unwillingness to recognize let alone respond to my comments and questions.
    So much for healthy debate.

  4. pied type says :

    I tend to be a moderate middle-of-the-road type and have gotten so fed up with the partisanship over this bill that I’m ready to kick the bill and every politician in Washington to the curb.

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