Heath Care Reform Part Two

I imagine the average U.S. citizen gets their news from sources such as yahoo and their local t.v. stations. I might be wrong, but I know a lot of average-American people get their news from these sources. Those of us who write these political blogs are not the majority; good thing, because then there would be a lot more political blogs out there. Given that we are the minority I believe our friends and family rely on us to keep them informed about what is going on in the world.

I also imagine that the average U.S. citizen is also getting really tired of hearing about Health Care reform. They want Health Care and just do not understand what is taking so long. So my friends and family, let me tell you what is taking so long. I will try to keep it brief.

  1. The Republican party is refusing to pass anything that Obama supports.
  2. Moderate Democrats and the Republican party have refused to pass a bill that includes a public option.
  3. The Democrats who do support Health Care reform were not tough enough to take a stand and actually pass the bill when they could.

Health Care reform was on the table in 1993 when Bill Clinton was President. The bill didn’t pass then, even though the people wanted it. The plan then was too complex. The current administration has worked to simplify the bill and it still hasn’t passed.

Today, American voters still want health care reform. We want a public option. We are tired of the insurance companies raking us through the coals with increased premium rates.

If your local Senator does not support health care reform, then send them an email stating your support of the bill. If they are up for re-election, consider voting for someone else who supports what you want.

The representatives of the Government are just that… they are representatives. They are supposed to represent the people. So why then, when over half of voters in the U.S. want health care reform and a public option, are they not supportive of it?

Just who do these representatives work for?

If you haven’t already feel free to check out my blog  3 good reasons we need health care reform.


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One response to “Heath Care Reform Part Two”

  1. pied type says :

    The 2000-page bill in Congress right now is far from simple. It’s a conglomeration of every politician’s pet ideas — those supported by the lobbyists, PACs, and special interests who will help re-elect that politician. This is an election year, and every vote from now on will be cast with that in mind. The people will get the short end of the stick — again.

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