Racism rampant in 2010 Tea Party?!?

If you know anything about me you know I LOVE Rachel Maddow. She is not only my idol, but also my long lost twin. Being a televisionless household, I do not have the opportunity to watch her show in the evening, so every morning I download her podcast from the previous evening and that is how I begin my day.

I could easily post her video everyday as my blog, but you could just as easily go to rachel.msnbc.com and watch it for yourself. Today is an exception, because there was a segment that I feel is extremely important to share. It stems from a speech given at the Tea Party Convention.

It is 2010 right? Everyone should know what is really going on with the far Right in this country.

Feb.  8: Rachel Maddow reviews the history of how “literacy tests” were used to prevent black people from voting in America and why Tom Tancredo’s opening speech to the Tea Party Convention calling for the return of those tests is so abhorrent. Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree shares his insights on racism in the United States.



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5 responses to “Racism rampant in 2010 Tea Party?!?”

  1. DysfunctionalParrot says :

    Not to discount your concerns, but the term racism is being thrown around more than Hitler comparisons.

    I doubt strongly that the intent it to bring literacy tests back so that black people can be kept down by “the man”. To be honest, given the abhorrent language skills of todays youth, maybe we should up the bar.

    • penni4urthought says :

      I would agree with you if I hadn’t listened to the speech. Racism is being thrown around, because that is what it is, racist.
      Do you honestly believe if Obama wasn’t Barack Hussein Obama, a black man, literacy tests would have even been brought up as an issue? There is a direct correlation.

  2. DysfunctionalParrot says :

    Really, I don’t see a connection. Obama is obviously a very literate man. Not qualified for president by a long shot, but more literate than 70% of non-blacks that’s for sure!

    So to answer your question…no. The only correlation I believe is imaginary. No offense of course. 🙂

    • penni4urthought says :

      I should have been more specific. I was referring to the tea party speech by Tancredo. Watch it. Saying people who voted for Obama cannot spell, or even say Vote in English IS racist.
      You really shouldn’t make up statistics. I believe Obama is qualified for president. Much more so than Bush was or Palin would be.
      No offense.

  3. DysfunctionalParrot says :

    None taken!

    As for the statistic, I guess next time I’ll leave footnotes. Given the ROFLOL and UR2CL and whatever the heck passes for english these days, 70% may be a conservative estimate!

    I’m all for any movement that makes a government sweat…whether it’s Bush, Obama, or Palin. It means we’re doing our jobs as citizens. The day we feel some sort of kinship with a politician is the day they have us right where they want us.

    And as with any movement, you have a few nuts. Whatever. The Tea Party may have Tancredo, but the left has ACORN, union proxies and NBC. It all works out in the end.

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