Women have the right to chose, as they should.

CBS’s Anti-Choice Superbowl Ad-You can read about the ad anywhere on the internet. I haven’t seen it, and likely I won’t see it. Form an opinion of your own, if you want to. You can even petition against it at http://www.credoaction.com.

I am however an advocate for a woman’s right to choose for many reasons, including keeping women safe and healthy.

I also think many people are hypocritical in their opinion on abortion. Keeping it simple, if you believe in protecting life, that should include ALL LIVES. That should include being against wars that kill innocent people, that should include being against the inhuman killing of animals for food, and that should include giving medical attention to ALL sick people in need.

It was a random thought that made me want to post this blog. My thought was: If Pro-Choice people are referred to as Pro-Abortion then Pro-Life people should really be called Anti-Choice. This would mean the same people who believe in less government are then really advocating that the government should control a woman’s right to choose.


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One response to “Women have the right to chose, as they should.”

  1. J.D.F says :

    I could not agree with you more!! Pro-life should be about pro-life in all its aspects. AND I love what you say about Pro-life being Anti-choice.

    My opinion is the much same, I believe in Pro-choice. I want the choices made to be educated and intelligent, which is why I totally advocate more education for women and men (they are part of the process, they should also be included in any support needed) in need, making sure the options are completely understood, and would love to see more funding to help pregnant women and young mothers/fathers. I think supporting those in need, be it single women/mothers, young parents (wed or unwed), would go further to helping all involved- rather than more regulation of women’s bodies or control of their ability to make decisions. šŸ™‚

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