All things green…and more.

Having been a nomad most of my adult life – I think I have finally found my HOME. I have stumbled across, what I believe to be, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Some people may not be so fond of the pacific northwest, but I think it is an amazing place. Particularly Portland, Ore and the surrounding areas.

I’ve been a fan of all things green my entire life. I am amazed everyday at just how stunning life is here. By life – I mean not only the people, but also the trees, the moss, the sunsets and sunrises, the multitude of hip neighborhoods, the urban chickens, public transit, farmers markets, front yard vegetable gardens, and so much more.

Today– it rains and like most people probably do, I have to remind myself this is one of the reasons this city (well, more like a town – really) is so stunning. Saturday was pay off for sure. My partner, her sisters and I started the day at the local creperie cart.  In case you didn’t know, food carts are HUGE here in Portland. I believe we are the mothership of the food cart culture. This trend is expanding nationwide in cities such as LA, NYC, and Seattle. In fact, while we were enjoying our tasty treats, we were caught in the middle of two separate media crews taking footage of our food cart quad. One appearing to be filming for a television show, while the other was taking pictures for and up and coming book on Portland food carts.

After our delicious blend of sweet and savory crepes, they went off for their sisters-only weekend. I took the great ball of fire blinding me in the sky as a sign that I needed to go for a little stroll. I headed to Mt. Tabor, a volcanic cinder cone right in the middle of the city, and hiked up to my  favorite sunset spot overlooking the Hawthorne district. The air was crisp, people were laughing, dogs were frantically wagging their tails, and I was at peace in my home letting my body absorb as much vitamin D as it could.

I know most people would be turned off by the rain; the moss that takes over in the winter, and the giant volcano lurking in the background waiting to explode, but I love it. Yes… the sunny days are nice, but unlike when I lived in southern California, here I have grown to truly appreciate them.

Photos Courtesy of T. Ramirez Photography.


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