Movies + Equality

2009 is quickly coming to an end. What a crazy year. So much has changed over the last 362 days and yet so much more needs to be done.

Last night Trina and I watched the movie Iron Jawed Angels. Have you seen it? It’s about part of the Women’s Rights Movement. The part where women are given the right to vote. Given is not exactly the right word. Like here have a cookie. Those women fought hard, and have more courage than most people. I have great respect for the women who paved the way for me. I would like to take this moment to say “Thank You”.

I do, however need to do more research than simply watching a Hollywood style movie. What exactly did transpire that changed President Wilson’s stance?  It did however get me thinking. Imagine that. For years I have tried to express to the women in my life the importance of voting. It amazes me how many just do not get it. So many people blame “not knowing” as an excuse to not vote.

Really? Can you not self-educate?

It also made me think of all the movements for equal rights where there had to be bloodshed before any real change was made. Is that what needs to happen for Equal rights of same-sex couples? Guess what? It already does.

Do we need to stand in front of the White House day and night to be acknowledged? And would we?

What is going to happen to make that pivotal change? What do you think?


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