If I had to name one pet peeve it would be Complacency. If you feel passionate about something you need to let your voice be heard. Not only to the “safe” people around you, but mostly to those who may not be so comfortable to hear your point of view. There is a saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. I love Grease. We all remember Rosa Parks. She had no desire to be part of the civil rights movement. She was tired from a long days work. She made her stand by not giving up her seat and not crawling to the back of the bus. Her actions gave momentum to the Civil Rights Movement.

Perhaps I was meant to be thriving in the 60’s. A Stonewall Drag Queen in 6 inch heals chanting about not wearing any underwear. (Maybe Not). I do know that I respect the activism of Milk, and MLK, and all the less known people who stood up for what they truly believe in. Not only did they stand up, but many were beaten down, or in the case of the former mentioned, were murdered out of ignorance or lack of understanding.

What should YOU be passionate about? There must be that one thing (or many things in my world) that raises your blood pressure and turns your stomach. What is it? Are you willing to die for it? What if dying for it meant it would make it so?

So what are Penni’s passions? Gay rights, Womens’ rights, Freedom from Religion, Animal Rights, the Environment, Human Rights, and much more that we will touch upon soon.

Am I willing to die for these? Likely not all, but some hold stronger than others. Stay tuned to find out what Penni is really thinking.


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